A Vacation From My Vacation

After a whirlwind few weeks of yachting, partying and drinking way too much, I decided it was time for a break. A vacation from my vacation, if you will. The problem with hanging out with people who are on vacation, or “holiday,” as they call it overseas, is that they are going hard. It’s their escape from normal life. Time off work, time off from the gym, a week or two of “cheat days” where everyone is indulging in food they normally wouldn’t eat and consuming much more alcohol than normal. And why not? I did the same when I was on vacation.

The issue now though, is that I’m on somewhat of a permanent vacation. While everyone else can go back home, catch up on sleep, and hit the gym to undo the damage they did the previous week, I can’t. I have been going from one vacation to the next.  Indulging the same way. And let me tell you, it definitely caught up with me. I was exhausted. Not having your own bed to sleep in, or the ability to go to a grocery store to buy healthy food, or even being on land long enough to go for a jog really takes its toll. Simply put, my skin isn’t as clear as usual, and my clothes aren’t fitting me. I’m scared to weigh myself, but based on my measurements and how my clothes fit, (or don’t fit) I’d say I’m up about 12lbs (roughly 5 kilograms) from the weight I was when I started this journey 3 months ago.

I needed to make a change so I fled the party scene for some rest and relaxation on the island of Sardinia, Italy. I did a big Italy trip a few years ago where I did Rome, Florence, Pisa, Milan, Venice and Lido, so my return to Italy was strictly to regroup. I slept in most days, then headed to the beach where I’d snorkel and then work out in a small gym. I did a few excursions including a train ride through the country, an off road jeep trip to explore a cave and some wilderness and did a boat tour that dropped people off at various beaches only accessible by boat.

The island is gorgeous, the water is clear and the snorkeling is amazing. When the sun wasn’t as strong in the afternoon I’d take a bike up to the mountains for a long and challenging ride. One was 15 miles (24 km) and the other was 24 miles. (38km) I did my best to avoid the bread and pasta, loaded up on local fresh fruit and only had one glass of wine a day, usually with a light dinner. The lack of a nightlife in the area I was staying in helped me stay on track with the drinking because not guzzling wine in Italy is pretty difficult. Especially since I prefer wine to water.

This week off from my perma-vacation certainly won’t undo the damage I’ve done to my body the last few months, but at least now I’m on the right track. This may all seem super surface level to those who don’t know me, but I’ve struggling with maintaining my weight my entire adult life. Sometimes due to laziness, other times due to medication and health problems. I’ve never been “skinny” nor do I want to be. But when I’m fit, I feel better. I can be more active with less of a struggle and due to some ongoing health issues, being as strong as possible and ready for a potential battle is imperative.

I was naive to think I could stay fit purely based on muscle memory and some light work outs when I found both the time, and the equipment. This year abroad is clearly going to be a lot harder than I thought when it comes to staying healthy. But I can’t afford to buy new clothes so I have to get back into the ones I packed. Not to mention, locals get pretty annoyed when the foreign girl asks them to take her photo and then insists on multiple retakes and suggests different camera angles that are more flattering.

The photos of the scenery in Sardinia are truly gorgeous. I post full albums of each place I visit which include all of the photos that don’t make it to social media and the Sardinia album wins so far, so be sure to check that out in the photo tab and subscribe to get updates on my travels! Tomorrow I fly to Prague for a few days, then Paris and finally, back to Spain for the rest of Summer. Again, meeting up with someone who is on vacation. Wish me luck!

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