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As a journalist turned gypsy, I’ve been traveling the world and telling the stories. I’ve stayed on yachts, in luxury resorts, crowded hostel dorms and even crashed on stranger’s couches. I’ve been calling myself an Entry Level Gypsy for a couple of years now, but I think after visiting more than 60 countries, it’s time for an upgrade to my title. AUTHOR.

I am so excited to announce that I am releasing an eBook! One of the most common questions I get from friends, family and even fellow travelers is how I am able to make this gypsy life work for me. People want to know how I have been able to travel for so long with so little money. So thanks to constant pressure from the people around me, I am finally ready to explain, in detail, how I do what I do. I’ve streamlined all of my advice into an eBook packed with real life scenarios and solutions for every type of traveler. It’s called “Travel Trove – Gems for Every Journey” and it’s available for download now!

I’ve partnered with a great travel site and they are handling the book orders for me. Just click the banner at the top of this page and you will be directed to the order site.


What visiting more than 60 countries has taught me and how it can help you make your travel dreams a reality. All you need is a desire to visit new places and I’ll help you do the rest. I didn’t start seeing the world until I was almost 30 years old, tied down by an employment contract, apartment lease, car payment and plenty of debt. I’ll tell you how I escaped it all to become a world traveling gypsy and how I’ve managed to maintain my budget after more than 2 years of continuous international travel. Whether you’re interested in long term travel or making the most of your annual leave, this book will give you the tools to travel like a pro, for a fraction of the cost.

In an effort to try to focus my attention on this new book and other upcoming travel related business, I’ve created a new Instagram account called @lifeandtravelhacks. I am still using @sabrinasabbagh but if you want more travel related tips and hacks, definitely follow the new account. I am going to start doing tutorials and webinars on editing travel photos, finding cheap flights and a lot of other things I explain in detail in the book, so if you haven’t yet, subscribe to my newsletter here so you don’t miss any of those.

Thank you to all of my amazing readers for supporting me over the years and encouraging me to share my stories. And no, I am definitely not done traveling. I am back in the states briefly to release this book and then it will be back out into the world for this gypsy.

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